ADA Consulting Services

DLZ provides both full service and on-call/training ADA consulting services for state and local government entities.

DLZ full-service consulting includes assisting with completing an ADA review for compliance with Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of the town/city/county facilities including the work required to achieve a Self-Evaluation Transition Plan (SETP).  Specific services include an evaluation of site and architectural barriers for the all municipality owned/operated facilities including the public right-of-way.  Evaluations are completed using ADA Standards for Accessible Design (September 2010) and pertinent draft guidelines.  DLZ compiles the results of the field evaluations, including information for facilities within the public right-of-way (sidewalks and curb ramps), probable cost estimates, policies and procedures analysis, public meetings, designated ADA Coordinator, formal grievance procedure, etc. into the SETP.  Public meetings are conducted to receive public input on barriers perceived and to provide comment on the draft SETP, prior to finalization of the SETP for adoption. Some communities that have benefitted from DLZ’s full-service consulting include:

  • ·  Port Huron, Michigan
  • .  Town of Ashley, Indiana
  • ·  City of Attica, Indiana
  • ·  Town of Fremont, Indiana
  • ·  Town of Grabill, Indiana
  • ·  City of Huntington, Indiana
  • ·  Town of Huntertown, Indiana
  • ·  Town of Markle, Indiana
  • ·  City of Mishawaka, Indiana
  • ·  Town of Shipshewana, Indiana
  • ·  Brown County, Indiana
  • ·  City of Greensburg, Indiana
  • ·  Harrison County, Indiana
  • ·  Johnson County, Indiana
  • ·  Town of LaGrange, Indiana
  • ·  Putnam County, Indiana
  • ·  City of Rushville, Indiana
  • ·  Scott County, Indiana
  • ·  Tipton County, Indiana

DLZ also assists communities in a variety of ways as they work toward completion of a Self-Evaluation Transition Plan (SETP).  These services include training employees to complete evaluations of site and architectural barriers for the municipality owned/operated facilities including the public right-of-way.  DLZ provides forms for use in evaluations to all clients, and provides training on GeoJot software for those wishing to use this technology for their right-of-way evaluations.  Additional on-call services vary, and can include review of completed evaluations, cost estimating, building evaluations, construction plan review, and assistance with compilation of SETP. Communities benefitting from DLZ’s on-call/training consulting include:

·  Clinton County

·  Elkhart, City of

·  Fulton Co./City of Rochester

·  Jay County

·  Logansport, City of

·  Pike County





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Indianapolis, Indiana