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Bennett Road – Hulett Road Roundabout Design

Okemos, Michigan

This project involved the conceptual design of a modern roundabout at the intersection of Bennett Road – Hulett Road in suburban Lansing, Michigan.  Located at the junction of an arterial road and a collector road, the intersection experienced traffic congestion that was expected to worsen in the future.

A significant portion of this traffic is generated by a local high school, about one mile to the south of the intersection. In addition, there is a local elementary school immediately adjacent to the intersection, resulting in a high number of pedestrians. After careful consultation with the client regarding their objectives and the site constraints, DLZ prepared a conceptual design for the modern roundabout, which included: geometric design, realignment of approach roads, traffic analyses, a preliminary striping/signing scheme, and a cost estimate.

This roundabout was constructed in the summer of 2004 using Federal safety funds and opened to traffic in August of 2004.  Since opening, it has been a great success with reduced crashes/crash severity and elimination of congestion.