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Carmel 4th & Main Roundabout

Carmel, Indiana

DLZ was retained by the City of Carmel, to prepare a concept design and construction documents for a compact urban roundabout located at the intersection of Main Street and 4th Avenue. This roundabout was challenging to design because it had to fit into a tight intersection with right-of-way constraints on all four quadrants, while at the same time accommodating a bus and fire truck as the design vehicles.  In addition, the roundabout was part of a larger redevelopment project and a key element in the overall pedestrian circulation plan for this revitalized area.  The roundabout provided important traffic calming functions as the gateway into a new mixed-use development.

A very important aspect of the roundabout was its pedestrian facilities. DLZ was responsible for traffic forecasts, conceptual roundabout design, preparation of preliminary and final plans, pavement marking/signing plans, landscaping plans, lighting plans, right-of-way plans, maintenance of traffic plans, survey, geotechnical investigation, and pavement design.