City of Port Huron ADA Self-Evaluation Study and Transition Plan

DLZ contracted with the City of Port Huron to perform a self-evaluation study of all city-owned and operated facilities, services, policies, practices, and determine needed modifications required to ensure full accessibility consistent with the requirements of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act. DLZ architects, landscape architects, engineers, and construction inspectors reviewed both interior and exterior conditions for these facilities and prepared a Transition Plan with cost estimates to develop phasing implementation of required improvements based on the priority in which they need correction. The priorities were based on the severity of the barrier they presented to persons with disabilities.

A key aspect of the project was meetings with identified advocacy groups for the disabled within the City to listen to their concerns and experiences and how the City could improve accessibility to them and their membership. The Transition Plan was made available for public comment and input and a public hearing held to discuss the document.




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Port Huron, Michigan