Projects Survey

Douglas Road Realignment Aerial and Ground TOPO Survey

South Bend, Indiana

DLZ was hired by the University of Notre Dame to provide a comprehensive range of surveying, design and construction inspection services for the reconstruction of several major roadways surrounding the campus.  The Douglas Road portion of the project included the reconstruction of approximately 4,000 feet of Douglas Road, 1,300 feet of Old Juniper Road, 960 feet of Wilson Drive, 250 feet of Stepan Drive and 200 feet of Ivy Road on the northern edge of the campus from west of Old Juniper Road to east of Ivy Road.

Services provided included topographic survey, roadway design, storm sewer design, lighting design, traffic signal design, roundabout design, landscape design, erosion control permitting, right-of-way engineering, a right-of-way dedication plat and construction inspection services.  The Douglas Road typical section included a four-lane section with concrete curb and gutter.  The design included new asphalt pavement, and storm sewers. Ornamental (pedestrian) lighting was designed along the entire length of Douglas Road.  One new traffic signal was also designed along Douglas Road at Old Juniper Road.  The project also included roadway lighting and specialty decorative mast arm poles.