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Downtown Parking and Streetscape

South Bend, Indiana

The City of South Bend commissioned DLZ to commence a multi-phased design initiative for parking and streetscape improvements in the Medical TIF District located just north of the City’s Central Business District. This initiative commenced with streetscape enhancements and the development of four new parking areas serving Memorial Hospital (Beacon Health System), surrounding businesses, and general public.

The new parking area complies with City ordinances and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and incorporate best management practices and green technologies. Permeable concrete unit pavers and engineered drainage course allows for infiltration, on-site storage thus avoiding direct discharge into the City’s combined sewer system. New decorative lighting promotes safer parking during the evening including Downtown civic events.

Integrated landscape areas were included to maximize green space and allow additional storm water infiltration. Plants were selected to tolerate varying climate and urban conditions and include a high percentage of native materials. An irrigation system with rain sensor and efficient components was included to ease maintenance requirements while conserving water use.