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Elkhart CSO 14 Basin Graphics

Elkhart, Indiana

DLZ was retained by the Board of Public Works for design, bidding, construction administration, part time inspection, material testing and startup services for this two-phase project.  Other services included a Wastewater State Revolving Fund (WWSRF) Application and preparation of a preliminary engineering report.

The project consisted of a one million gallon CSO 14 basin attenuation tank, influent sewer from the existing sewer on Cone Street at Garland Street, overflow weir structure, 30 million gallon per day combined sewer pump station, 4,200 feet of 20-inch diameter force main, overflow weir structures and other appurtenances.

The Project also included  improvements along Crawford Street between Edwardsburg Road and Christiana Street to include roadway reconstruction, water main, combined sewer separation, storm sewer and sanitary improvements.  Reconstruction included approximately 800 lineal feet of street, gutter, curb and sidewalk improvements, approximately 800 feet of water main and appurtenances along Crawford Street and approximately 400 lineal feet of water main and appurtenances along Christiana Street to convert the existing private system into a public supply system.

Sanitary sewer improvements consisting of the removal and replacement of approximately 3,200 lineal feet of new 8-inch diameter sanitary sewer with new manholes and laterals. Approximately 700 lineal feet of existing combined sewer was lined as a bid alternate. Planning and design of park amenities at High Dive Park around the proposed CSO Storage Basin and Force Main including Pedestrian trail, ornamental lighting, landscaping and park furniture.

Preparation of schematic design and construction documents of a park building at the location of the 1.0 MG equalization basin including a men’s and women’s restroom for two users each, electrical room and storage room for park equipment.  Permitting included Rule 5 – Erosion Control in accordance with 327 IAC 15-5. and 327 IAC 15-13, IDEM Construction Permit and a Railroad Crossing Permit.

The Project included the installation of the force main using trenchless technology beneath Christiana Creek and the Mill Race east of Edwardsburg Road.  Utilizing trenchless technology eliminated the requirements for the DNR Construction in a Floodway Permit, Army Corp Construction Permit and the IDEM 401 Water Quality Permit.