Projects Architecture

Fencorp Office Building and Capital Area Transit Association Transit Facility

Westlake, Ohio

Fencorp Company, a financial investment firm, commissioned DLZ to first develop a feasibility study for a building containing new Corporate Headquarters and speculative office suites on a site already acquired, located on Detroit Road, in Westlake, Ohio.

In the study, DLZ developed several conceptual site development and building designs, focusing on preserving the wooded site in a natural condition. Accompanying each scheme were detailed cost estimates, supplemented with due diligence regarding the city and utility provisions and requirements.

Upon selection of the desired scheme, DLZ designed the building and site to integrate existing topographic conditions, woodland conditions, and wetlands occurring on the site. The three-story, 23,000-square-foot building, integrated into the slope, is designed to present a distinctive corporate image while working harmoniously with the natural context of the site.

The key design elements included site and environmental integration; high-quality materials; provision for building occupants to use and have views of the natural areas of the site; and design for maximum safety and business/technology needs while obtaining maximum longevity, ease of maintenance, and life cycle efficiency within the project budget constraints.

DLZ designed the project using three-dimensional modeling techniques enabling the client, project team, and contractor to visualize the design prior to construction, ensuring the completed project would meet the client’s expectations. This method facilitated systems engineering and integration, enabling easy identification of potential clearance and construction issues early in the design process, reducing potential construction cost increases.