Front & Rich Parking Garage Construction Testing and Monitoring

Columbus, Ohio

DLZ was hired by Messer Construction to provide the testing and inspection services for the 7-story parking facility at the corner of Front St. and Rich St. in Downtown Columbus, Ohio.

DLZ was contracted to test and monitor the construction from the foundations to the 7th story, including the performance of concrete maturity testing to assure the contractor could stress the concrete structures as soon as possible after placement. DLZ provided timely service on this fast-tracked structure and assured Messer Construction that the project requirements were met and the construction and materials were of the quality required.


DLZ provided a number of services including:


  • Soil and aggregate testing
  • Reinforcing steel verification
  • Post-tensioning monitoring and verification
  • Concrete testing
  • Concrete maturity testing
  • Concrete temperature monitoring
  • Structural concrete coring investigations
  • Structural steel inspection
  • Special Inspections for
  • Foundations
  • Masonry