Projects Water Resources

General Butler Dam

Carrollton, Kentucky

For this project, DLZ provided the required geotechnical engineering services to conduct an investigation and prepare a report of findings for General Butler Dam.  The primary reason for this work was to investigate the slope stability and seepage potential of the embankment in light of apparent damage to and seepage from the secondary outlet pipe near the right abutment.

Significant items of work for the project included:

  • Field inspection of the earthen embankment and structures
  • Subsurface exploration to determine composition and nature of embankment and foundation soils.
  • Engineering analysis of the stability and seepage potential of the embankment.
  • Evaluation of the existing deteriorated and partially-collapsed lake drain pipe.
  • Prepare a Maintenance Plan.
  • Prepare a construction cost estimate.
  • Prepare a report of the findings, results, and conclusions.


Upon completion of the exploration and evaluation, plans and specifications were developed for the rehabilitation of the dam.  This work included the removal and replacement of the existing lake drain pipe.