Heart of Ohio Trail LPA Documentation, Inspection & Material Testing

Knox County, Ohio

DLZ was contracted by the Knox County Park District and the Knox County Engineer to LPA construction oversight and material testing for multiple phases of improvements of the Heart of Ohio Trail throughout Knox County. The improvements included the excavation of the existing path, which consisted of areas covered by vegetation, gravel and asphalt concrete.

All areas of the path received a 10 foot wide paved trail, with shoulders graded to match existing grades, culvert pipes and erosion control methods were used when the path encountered existing waterways. Relocated and added trail signs throughout the trail as well as installed bollards and pavement marking at the trail intersection with local roadways.  DLZ documented and confirmed all activities and material were the quality required to meet ODOT specifications.

Material Testing Included:

  • Soil testing of the subgrade
  • Aggregate testing for the base and shoulder materials.
  • Concrete testing for the ramps and pole foundations, including:
  • Slump
  • Air
  • Concrete Strength
  • Temperature