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Indianapolis Airport Parking Stormwater Infrastructure

Indianapolis, Indiana

DLZ was retained by the Indianapolis Airport Authority (IAA) to prepare site design and construction plans for the Midfield Terminal Parking Lots. The design included approximately 13,500 public parking spaces in the Long term, Employee, Economy, Bus and Cell phone parking lots.  All together, these lots provide more than 120 acres of surface parking. DLZ also designed all the connecting roadways and parking lot plazas for these parking lots.

DLZ provided stormwater design services. DLZ engineers used 3D modeling software to design over 200 pipes, inlets and manholes. The drainage calculations and reports were completed to ensure that the stormwater system could accommodate a 100-year storm event. The stormwater runoff is designed to drain into various outlet locations in the Central Tunnel Collector designed by others.

DLZ was responsible for the design of all grading, pavement, lighting, signage, utility service and structural/foundation design for the parking lots. DLZ coordinated closely with other consultants responsible for landscape design, revenue control and communication systems and security. In addition, DLZ also provided construction support services throughout the construction phases of the DLZ’s design packages.