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Influent Pump Station Renovation

Valparaiso, Indiana

DLZ was retained by Valparaiso City Utilities to provide the design for renovations to the influent pump station. The pump station has been unable to pump its required firm capacity with one of the four pumps out of service and is plagued by corrosion throughout the dry well and electrical control room. DLZ provided an evaluation of the existing system and determined the existing dry-pit submersible pumps were undersized.

DLZ worked with two independent pump manufacturers who provided computational fluid dynamic (CFD) modeling to assist in the identification of the causes of pump cavitation in pump No. 1. This CFD modeling was performed in concert with a proposed drop pipe by DLZ to evaluate flow characteristics within the wet well and intakes.

The project consists of the replacement of all four pumps, valves, and modifications to the suction and discharge piping. New pumps will be 150 horse-power pumps capable of pumping 18 MGD at firm capacity.  Waterproofing, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning improvements were also included in the project to reduce corrosion of piping and equipment within the dry pit station.

The project was constructed in accordance with the Indiana Guaranteed Savings Contract regulation, which is an alternative to the traditional design, bid, build, or design-build methods of contract deliveries. Savings for this project will be documented to the Indiana Department of Energy.