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Jefferson Range Site Utilities

Shelby, Indiana

As part of a United States Property and Fiscal Office (USPFO) project, DLZ was retained to replace site utilities at the Jefferson Proving Grounds. The purpose of the project is to replace the existing three-inch waterline with a 4” waterline and extend the waterline to two buildings at the Jefferson Proving Grounds Range Facility.

The existing overhead power lines were removed and relocated underground.  New communication conduit was routed below grade to the buildings at the Jefferson Proving Grounds Range Facility. The water piping that was previously attached to the side of a bridge was routed beneath a creek to prevent issues with pipe freezing in the winter.

Separate water and electric meters were provided for the services to an existing Department of Natural Resources building, the Old Timbers Lodge, and the Jefferson Proving Ground range facility.

A fire protection system was also provided for the two buildings located on the Jefferson Proving Ground Range Facility.  The water company’s elevated water storage tank was not designed to serve a fire protection system.

A fire protection system with underground storage tanks, prefabricated pump house, and hydrants was designed to meet the facilities fire protection needs. Special installation requirements were necessary due to the existing unexploded ordinances at this military range facility.