Projects Survey

Kenny – Tower Settlement Survey

Chicago, Illinois

DLZ completed a high definition survey (HDS) laser scan of a Common Wealth Edison 345kV overhead power transmission line, which crosses the North Branch of the Chicago River near Halsted Street. The client wanted detailed survey information on each of the distribution and transmission lines (each cable) from the south tower at the Halsted side of the river to the connection points at the east side of the river. The use of HDS technology eliminated the need to acquire access to restricted areas to conduct the survey, thus ensuring crew safety.

The information provided by DLZ allowed the client  to plot each cable from connection to connection, from which the total weight of the cables pulling on the tower was established. Of the 4 million points collected, DLZ was asked to show the lowest point on the cable sag, the connections at each end, and at least three intervals on each side of the sag. Kenny also asked DLZ to show coordinates for some of the major nodes on the top portion of the south tower. The information was presented in a 3-D AutoCAD digital file.