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KY 1110 Copeland Low Water Bridge

Breathitt County, Kentucky

As a subcontractor to H.A. Spalding Engineers, Inc., DLZ  provided the structural design services for the 315’ PCI Beam Bridge crossing the North Fork of the Kentucky River. Most of the approximately 15 homes in Copeland are located along the tracks of the CSX Railroad and are isolated from Kentucky Route 1110 by frequent flooding from the North Fork of the Kentucky River. The replacement structure is approximately 600’ upstream of the existing low water crossing to take advantage of favorable topography. The construction specifications were completed using a combination of Specs-Intact and the Kentucky Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction. The project was permitted through the Kentucky Division of Water, Floodplain Management Branch.

DLZ completed the structural design for the 3-span (70’x123’x123’) bridge utilizing three modified AASHTO Type VI prestressed I-girders. Due to expected inundation by flood waters, the design includes vent pipes over the girders and tying down of the superstructure to the piers to counteract buoyant and uplift forces. The substructure elements include: a semi-integral bent cap founded on 36” diameter drilled concrete shafts, piers founded on solid rock, and a semi-integral breastwall founded on driven steel piles