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Livingston Boulevard and Old 27 Intersection Roundabout Design and Construction

Ostego, Michigan

DLZ was contracted to provide full survey and design services for a modern roundabout at this intersection, which was the first roundabout constructed in Northern Michigan.  The existing configuration includes a three-leg intersection at the main entrance to a County Government Complex, a University Center/Technical Training Center, and a High School.

This intersection experienced serious traffic congestion before construction of the roundabout. Prior to design of the roundabout, DLZ assisted the Otsego County Road Commission with their application for Federal Safety Funds, which was successful. DLZ worked closely with the Otsego County Road Commission to develop an acceptable modern roundabout concept and, once approved, to design the modern roundabout to minimize right-of-way impacts and alleviate the congestion problems

DLZ developed a design that required miniOmal right-of-way acquisition, minor grading permits, and resulted in LOS A traffic operation in both peak hours.  All plans met MDOT’s Local Agency Program requirements.