Projects Survey

Lucas Oil Stadium

Indianapolis, Indiana

This project consisted of accomplishing two goals for the City of Indianapolis:

  1. Providing room for the expansion of the Indiana Convention Center in downtown Indianapolis by razing the existing RCA Dome;
  2. Finding a replacement site for the RCA Dome. The site where the new stadium would be located was two blocks south of the RCA Dome.

The new site encompassed 37 acres and was comprised of 23 separate land parcels lying between South Street on the north, Capitol Avenue on the east, McCarty Street on the south and Missouri on the west.

Initially, DLZ’s client was the Capitol Improvement Board of Marion County, Indiana. The Board contracted  with DLZ to undertake a topographic survey of the entire 37 acre site and to prepare an exhibit of the existing conditions, including existing rights of way and underground utilities, to be used for pre-design meetings with all the interested parties.

As the project moved forward DLZ prepared ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys for all 23 land parcels and vacation descriptions and exhibits for the various streets and alleys within the site that would eventually go away. DLZ prepared various utility easement descriptions and exhibits for new utilities and sewers being constructed as part of the project, and a three dimensional easement for a pedestrian tunnel under South Street connecting the new stadium with the newly expanded Convention Center. DLZ prepared a final monument plat for recording depicting the sort of monuments set on the final boundary and a description of same.