McAlpine Lock Access Bridge on Ohio River, Louisville

The Louisville COE added a parallel 1,200′ lock to match an existing 1,200′ lock. The reason behind this was to eliminate the two-way traffic through the McAlpine Lock access bridge on the Ohio River. Other impediments to the increased lock traffic included both a swing bridge and a bascule lift bridge, which were at-grade features on the limited-access roadway to the hydropower facility on Shippingport Island. Project requirements called for the replacement of these facilities.

Access over both locks was provided by an elevated roadway and bridge with a minimum 73′-4″ vertical clearance over the normal operating pool. The increased vertical clearance accommodated the Corps’ state-of-the-art maintenance barge.

Aesthetic features of the new bridge included a suspension look-a-like silhouette, as well as enhanced lighting and fencing, to make this bridge the signature landmark on Louisville’s downtown skyline.

DLZ was responsible for the review of McAlpine lock wall stability calculations and design for reinforcing steel.


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