Michigan City Naval Armory Steam Boiler Replacement

The Military Department of Indiana commissioned DLZ for a project at the Michigan City Naval Armory building in Michigan, Indiana. The 30,000 sq.ft armory, constructed in 1937, currently heats by a steam boiler heating system. It served radiators and heating coils throughout the building via a network of steam supply and condensate return piping. The system currently consists of two gas-fired steam boilers, each with a rated output of 2,600 lb/hr, installed in 1999. One boiler has been non-operational for at least six years and was used for parts to maintain the other boiler operation. The existing boilers, condensate return network, and associated controls had exceeded their original design lives and required immediate replacement.

DLZ prepared design documents, assisted with bidding and procurements, and conducted Construction Administration services. Through ASHRAE Level II energy audit, DLZ could propose cost savings associated with updating the steam traps throughout the building. Our team found construction cost savings in reducing the installed boiler sizes while maintaining redundancy through “right-sizing” based on current loads.

This project for the Michigan City Naval Armory included the removal of the entire existing steam boiler plant and all associated controls. DLZ team also designed and installed two new steam boilers and associated connections to all necessary systems.


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Michigan City, Indiana