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Mishawaka Wastewater Treatment Plant Influent Sewer

Mishawaka, Indiana

DLZ provided engineering design and construction observation services including construction plans and specifications for 1,600 feet of 60 inch sanitary sewer. The new 60 inch influent sewer was designed to allow an increase in flow to the WWTP to allow for the future growth of the city and reduction of combined sewer overflows. The sewer design incorporated both tunneling and open trench excavation methods. DLZ completed the layout and design, consisting of renovation and additions to the existing CSO structure.

The CSO structure will accommodate the existing 42 inch sewer, new 60 inch; sewer, as well as an overflow weir into the existing 90 inch overflow pipe to the St. Joseph River. A junction chamber design was also designed for the conversion of the new 60 inch sewer and existing 42 inch sewer prior to flowing into the WWTP. Construction depths of the sewer exceed 20 feet. Soil borings were completed and reviewed for ground water depths and soil types that affected the tunneling process.