Projects Geospatial/GIS

MS4 Outfall Mapping

Columbus, Ohio

DLZ was retained by the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT), the Butler County, Ohio Storm Water District and City of Pataskala, Ohio to develop methodologies and protocols for a comprehensive database of all pipes or ditches that discharge to USGS blue line streams.  DLZ was responsible for evaluating alternative field water quality tests and developing procedures to be used in the field for electronic data collection.

DLZ inventoried thousands outfall locations for the clients.  Field efforts included visibly identifying the outfall locations and then collecting data to describe the outfall, including:  Outfall type (pipe or ditch), size, and construction, GPS-obtained location coordinates, Dry weather visual screening, Digital photographs, Observations regarding flow and possible illicit connections, Water Quality Tests if necessary.

The collected data were entered into a GPS handheld and stored in various formats to accommodate the clients’ needs:  A web-based database was developed for ODOT to upload the data for review and posting, An MS ACCESS database tool was developed for Butler County for review and editing the data, An innovative Google Earth based viewer was developed for the City of Pataskala as a low cost GIS system.

Preferred protocol alternatives were further refined during the course of the project.  A user manual providing a detailed description for the inventory process and required equipment and manpower specifications was developed as part of the final deliverable.