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O’Shaughnessy Dam Safety Study & Replacement Bridge Design

Columbus, Ohio

DLZ was retained to conduct an investigation on the stability of the O’Shaughnessy Dam and Bridge.  The study determined the adequacy of the existing spillway and outlet works, the structural soundness of the existing barrel arch bridge over the spillway, and included preparation of preliminary plans and cost estimates for remedial work.

Following completion of the study, DLZ was awarded a contract to prepare construction bid documents for a replacement bridge. The work entailed replacement of the two-lane barrel arch structure with a reinforced concrete span providing four traffic lanes plus a bikeway and sidewalk.

The new bridge, placed on reconstructed piers, provided improved spillway capacity by the elimination of the original arches. However, because of the community’s concern over the loss of the historic appearance of the bridge, an effort was made to mitigate the loss of the bridge’s architectural details. The original balustrade was replicated and reproduction lighting fixtures were provided. Additional work was provided to repair and enhance the existing pavilion and operating house, which contribute significantly to the historic appearance of the structure.