Projects Survey

Rayonier Paper Mill Pipe Bridge

Jesup, Georgia

DLZ performed high-definition scanning (HDS) services for Rotec in the Rayonier Paper mill located in Jesup GA. Activities included scanning a 200′ long pipe bridge supporting the main supply of Chloride (CLO2) and providing a 3D model in AutoCad format. DLZ provided Rotec with a 3D AutoCad drawing of the supply line within the pipe rack, the adjacent building and some key interior piping connected to the exterior piping

Using the Leica HDS 6000 scanner allowed DLZ to efficiently and safely collect the optimal amount of field data in a difficult environment and in the least amount of field time, thus greatly reducing cost and eliminating unnecessary safety issues.  With the increase in precision and completeness of data acquired the time required to redesign a new supply route was greatly reduced. A section view through the pipe rack can be generated at any position and orientation.