Target Store Site

Mishawaka, Indiana

For University Crossing in Mishawaka, Indiana, location of the new Super Target Store site, DLZ Industrial, LLC performed many services.  For the site, DLZ field technicians evaluated soil conditions, monitored and tested soil placement. This included fill material, which was brought on site, and in many cases rejected.  DLZ also monitored and tested (backfill) the sewer installation by the contractor, as well as placement of the water lines by the city.

Concrete sampling and testing was also provided for curbs and other structures. The monitoring and testing of the asphalt placement was also performed. Daily reports were kept reporting manpower and equipment used, tasks performed, etc. The testing and inspection for the Target Corporation included testing of soil, concrete, and masonry.  Full time inspection of the masonry was performed for compliance with plans and specifications. NDT testing was performed for the structural steel columns, beams, and joists.