Projects Transportation


Grant County, Kentucky

This project consisted of design of a bridge and roadway on US 25, 0.4 miles south of Williamstown, over Norfolk Southern Railroad. The design required consideration of alternatives that avoided historic properties and provided continuous access to existing residential and commercial properties along US 25, as well as two public streets that tied into US 25 on each end of the existing bridge. One of those streets included a major residential development south of the existing bridge, and the other street involved a public park on the north end of the existing bridge. Both public roads required access realignment to correct geometric deficiencies.

With an ADT of 7,650, maintenance of traffic was of significant importance for US 25 traffic since there was no viable detour alternative. Maintenance of traffic was further complicated due to a grade differential for a section of US 25 just south of Williamstown.

The bridge designed was a 4-span, 390’ PCIB bridge on 58 degree skew. The bridge design required the replacement of bridge railing and architectural details consistent with the existing bridge.