USPS Cincinnati NDC Mail Processing Facility Expansion

DLZ provided Criteria Design for a 324,000 SF expansion to the existing 476,000 SF Network Distribution Center located in Cincinnati, Ohio. This expansion provides the United States Postal Services with an upgraded mail processing facility capable of meeting the changing demands of the postal industry. This USPS Facilities project design, in collaboration with a concurrent Materials and Handling project, included the design for removal and installation of existing and new mail processing equipment.

Working directly with the USPS Facilities and Materials and Handling teams, our design team developed a phasing plan that would allow for the removal of old equipment, installation of new equipment, and continued operations of the facility to maintain during construction. The plan required seven overlapping construction phases and included a plan for maintaining delivery truck access to the building throughout construction.

Final Build-out Design

The design of the final build-out greatly expands the sorting capabilities of the facility. It includes a new EPPS, an expansion to the existing APPS, two USS, two DBCS, four AFSM, an AFCS, 34 DBCS, and five DIOSS. There were 54 dock doors designed for the facility to reduce package and parcel delivery times. These doors were arranged to more efficiently allow flow through the building by shifting all inbound deliveries to the north doors, and outbound pickups to the south doors. Satellite vending, restrooms, maintenance facilities, and charging stations were strategically located throughout the 1,700-foot-long building to allow for operational efficiency. Additional amenities included a new BMEU operation, increased storage area, shop spaces, an updated CCR, offices, and expanded lunch and locker rooms.

Facility Upgrades and Improvements to Meet Postal Standards

The project provided an opportunity for the USPS to upgrade the facility to meet current Postal Standards. Improvements included the addition of adequate ABA toilet rooms and features. Security was improved through turnstiles at the employee entry as well as new CCTV cameras throughout the expansion. Separate locker rooms were joined into one open locker area with enhanced visibility. A maintenance lift and stair were added to provide access to the separate roof elevations. The computer control room was accurately sized to meet technology needs. And, floor repair and leveling were included to allow for automated guided vehicles that are planned to be introduced to the facility. The new USPS Cincinnati NDC facility is capable of meeting the changing needs of the United States Postal Service.




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Cincinnati, Ohio