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Traffic Engineering/ITS

DLZ provides complete traffic engineering analysis and design services. This includes Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) planning, design, implementation, and operation that complement our design of interstates, urban streets, and rural highways. Our services also include all phases of planning and traffic engineering from traffic counts and forecasts; to corridor analysis; to land use planning; to roadways, interchange, and intersection analysis and traffic safety studies; to final design of traffic signals, traffic signal systems (coordination and timing), and roadway geometrics. We also provide complete drainage and utility design services.

Our traffic and transit modeling capabilities include network modeling, travel-demand modeling, arterial signal- coordination analyses, and feasibility studies. We offer extensive analysis software capability, including expertise in HCS, Synchro/SimTraffic, CORSIM, Transyt 7F, EMME/2, TransCAD, Cube, VISSIM and VISUM.

Our data collection and analysis capabilities includes automobile traffic volume, speed, classification and other characteristic data collection for capacity, traffic operations, and other traffic impact parameters; pedestrian and bicycle volume and origin/destination counts; survey distribution and data processing; and trip-generation travel demand modeling.