Our culture is unique among others in our field. We are progressive and innovative, enabling our firm to have an “uncorporate” feel. Our culture stands out in the following ways:

Open Book Accounting
Even though we are a privately held company, we practice open book accounting. All project managers and team members are aware of the financial performance of their projects and the overall company performance.

“One Company” Approach To Management
While many larger firms’ cultures encourage divisional “silos,” we take a one company approach to management. Sharing work and resources is encouraged and rewarded among all offices.

Open Door Policy
Our leaders are encouraged to practice open door management. DLZ hosts many companywide forums throughout the year for employees to discuss companywide issues.

Team-Building Events
We host discipline-based educational seminars, office outings, and business meetings to bring staff together from all offices to enable the development of a common culture among all offices.

We are proud to provide the traditions of an established firm combined with the progressive growth of a modern company.

Our culture is built upon our Chairman and Founder’s Six Principles Business Model:

Growth – because continual growth offers superior opportunities to serve our clients and employees

Marketing – all employees are responsible for marketing DLZ services and we all represent DLZ in our communities

Quality – we focus on delivering all projects right the first time-emphasizing timeliness and an adherence to budget constraints

Profit – In order to fund future growth, it is essential that DLZ strives to make a profit

Compassion – DLZ treats its clients and employees with compassion and respect

Safety – DLZ employees understand safety is not an individual choice but a lifelong value impacting every aspect of our projects. Read DLZ’s Occupational Health & Safety Policy

At DLZ, we focus on people first and projects second. Our diverse, collaborative environment allows for everyone to be a part of a team in achieving project goals. We are client-focused and place a high value on innovation. Individuals are regularly recognized and rewarded for their contributions to the company’s success.

We believe in a fun yet productive work environment. We strive to provide employees with the opportunity to work on challenging projects that allow them to practice their profession while continually growing in their careers. We value continuing education and advanced career development and encourage employees to participate in professional, technical and civic organizations.

Issues of work-life balance are important to us. We understand the pressure of balancing professional and personal commitments and work with employees to accommodate their needs. We make available programs and benefits that can assist employees with the situations and challenges that impact their daily lives. In our annual employee survey, our employees most valued our accommodating work environment, their coworkers, and strong benefits amongst the best qualities of the firm.