Engineering Consultants for Infrastructure and Renewable Energy

We are regional leaders in engineering and renewable energy services. We have extensive experience in engineering, ranging from initial site identification, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, basic and detailed design, construction drawings, specifications, construction supervision, owner’s engineer, dam surveillance, and dam safety studies.

Renewable Energy


As a specialized consulting company in the field of infrastructure we are particularly positioned in the engineering market of unconventional civil works, such as special foundation structures, underground structures, large storage tanks, bridges and hydro-mechanical works and components.

DLZ Carbon also has extensive experience in the design of urbanization infrastructure, drainage systems and runoff, as well as in the design of industrial infrastructure for complex processes such as mining.

Hydrology and River Engineering

26 Years

26 years of experience in Central America.

75+ Projects

More than 75 renewable energy and water infrastructure projects in Central America.

1300+ MW

1000 installed
600 studied

Areas of Expertise


The Central American region has a vast hydro-electrical potential, most of which is still unexploited. The development of a hydro-electric project requires knowledge and experience in the application of specialized engineering concepts, as well as an understanding of the hydrological, environmental, social and economic environment of the region. DLZ Carbon has extensive experience , with more than 1300 MW evaluated and developed in the Central American area. Our hydraulic, structural , geotechnical, and electromechanical specialists apply their knowledge and experience to develop projects, optimizing them in terms of water resources and their costs.

Wind Energy

Through its Latin American subsidiary, DLZ Carbon, DLZ has positioned itself as a regional leader in engineering services for wind power. Full services for the balance-of-plant (BoP) have been provided for 124 MW of wind parks in Costa Rica and Honduras; and for an additional 120 MW of feasibility studies and BoP basic design. Special expertise has been developed in foundation design and review for wind turbines of up to 80 meters in height, including pile design and foundation slab design.

Photovoltaic Solar Energy

DLZ has gained expertise in solar power through its subsidiary in Latin America, DLZ Carbon. Engineering services for the balance-of-plant (BoP) of solar installations in Costa Rica have included earthworks design, access road design, stormwater management , cable conduits, and service and control buildings.