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As the population becomes increasingly mobile, the need for efficient, planned transportation systems becomes ever more important. DLZ meets this need by providing a full complement of design services for surface transportation systems. From a two-lane road to an interstate highway, DLZ brings traffic engineering, transportation planning, and detailed roadway design work together to provide effective solutions for roadways.

Staffed by civil engineers and technicians, DLZ is able to offer clients a wide spectrum of studies and analysis to meet their needs including: traffic studies and patterns, corridor studies for roadways and new alignments, environmental assessments, right-of-way plans and descriptions, and annexation studies. Because building or redesigning a roadway is so expensive, knowing its future capacity needs is vitally important.

DLZ has designed numerous roadways for municipal clients, including improvements to existing roadways and parking lots for commercial site developments. We’ve been involved in Annual Paving Programs that typically includes construction monitoring and testing of soils, concrete, asphalt, and aggregate base for roadway and buried utilities.