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Traffic Engineering and Data Collection

Traffic Engineering

DLZ also provides complete traffic engineering analysis and design services. We have performed traffic engineering services for a broad range of areas from large cities to small towns and has a thorough knowledge of the relevant Department of Transportation policies, programs, procedures, and standards. Our scope of work involves all phases of traffic engineering; traffic counts and forecasts; roadway, interchange, and intersection analysis; traffic safety studies; final design of traffic signals, traffic signal systems, and roadway geometrics. In addition, our staff provides expertise in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) planning, design, implementation, and operation.

DLZ’s services also include all phases of planning and traffic engineering from traffic counts and forecasts, to corridor analysis, to land use planning; to roadways, interchange, and intersection analysis and traffic safety studies; to final design of traffic signals, traffic signal systems (coordination and timing), and roadway geometrics. We also provide complete drainage and utility design services.

Our traffic and transit modeling capabilities include network modeling, travel demand modeling, arterial signal- coordination analyses, and feasibility studies. We offer extensive analysis software capability, including expertise in HCS, Synchro/SimTraffic, CORSIM, Transyt 7F, EMME/2, TransCAD, Cube, VISSIM, and VISUM.

Traffic Data Collection

For three decades, DLZ has been contributing to the vast array of traffic data being utilized by public agencies from the local to the federal level in the planning and analysis of our transportation networks. We utilize the latest cutting-edge technologies to collect accurate vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian data in the most efficient and safe manners possible. Our full-time field staff has extensive experience in collecting traffic data both manually and automatically. We use modern, tested, and certified equipment to provide the data that transportation agencies and consultants need. They, in turn, use the data to conduct analysis, engineering, and design of transportation systems.

DLZ is adept at conducting the following:

  • Video and Manual Intersection/Roundabout Turning Movement Counts
  • Automatic Roadway Volume, Classification, Speed, Gap Studies
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Counts on Street/Sidewalk or Multi-use Paths
  • Origin-Destination Studies
  • Travel Time, Speed and Parking Utilization Studies

Our staff has collected manual and machine volume and classification counts at intersection and expressway locations, parks, bike paths, parking lots, and tollway plazas for dozens of agencies, municipalities, and corporations. We utilize state-of-the-art computer hardware and software for collecting and reporting data – Miovision cameras, Hi-Star magnetic portable traffic analyzers. We utilize Jamar hand-held count boards for manual counts, and Jamar and PicoCount counters for machine counts. DLZ makes use of ample hardware to handle sizable counts at multiple locations. We have developed and processed databases for origin-destination survey information as well as for traffic counts collected by the firm, and we have in-house experience in Microsoft Access and GIS Applications, including the ESRI family of ArcGIS desktop, web, and mobile apps.