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Brownfield Demolition and Hazardous Material Surveys

DLZ shares in the responsibility of all communities, industries, and governments to safeguard public health and the environment. Our efforts in balancing project design and environmental issues during all phases of project development are an integral component of our full-service capabilities. For over three decades, DLZ has been managing environmental and brownfield demolition/redevelopment projects and executing hazardous material investigations/surveys in multiple states.

DLZ has also developed a Performance-Based Lump-Sum Contract Approach for demolition and redevelopment projects that focuses on the minimization of unforeseen conditions, regulations affecting the environment, and the re-use of contaminated and vacant sites. Through our multidisciplinary approach, our professionals have provided practical solutions to complex and costly decommissioning and demolition projects.

DLZ’s areas of expertise include:


  • Brownfields/Demolition plan development and services
  • Demolition specification and post-demolition brownfield development
  • Construction management and oversight

Hazardous Material Surveys

  • Asbestos-Containing Material Surveys
  • Hazardous Material and Universal Waste Surveys Report Preparation
  • Abatement Specifications, oversight, and report preparation

After completing a hazardous material survey, DLZ prepares a detailed report identifying the material, the location, and an estimated quantity. This report then allows for a suitable inclusion for a removal work order. DLZ can also provide bid specifications, oversight services during contractor removal activities, and documentation of all waste removal and disposal.

From this work, DLZ has acquired an extensive knowledge base on current federal, state, and local regulations. Building on our experience, DLZ is uniquely qualified to provide the technical expertise necessary to complete projects on schedule, efficiently, and within budget.