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Site Investigation and Remediation

Every day, DLZ staff perform site investigations and remedial investigations to assess contamination in soil, sediment, surface water, and/or groundwater. Our team further evaluates relevant exposure pathways to address risk to receptors as part of a site remedy.

DLZ has developed a strong working knowledge of Michigan’s environmental regulations and how these relate to federal laws. This knowledge was developed and refined over the course of several years while working on diverse projects. Our understanding of both state and federal regulations extends to the Part 201 Regulations and CERCLA Regulations.

DLZ works with clients providing the following site investigation services:

  • Pre-investigation site evaluation
  • Contaminant evaluation, sample collection, and monitoring
  • Exposure pathway evaluation for risk evaluation/reduction

DLZ also helps clients identify the optimal strategy for progressing a site to closure/no further action status and offers services throughout the project. For instance, we act as a liaison with regulatory agencies, provide conceptual site model development, and execute the remedial action.

DLZ provides remedial services, including:

  • Pilot testing and technology selection
  • Corrective action plan/remedial action plan development
  • System design/specifications and construction support
  • Permitting support, system operation, maintenance, and monitoring
  • Progress reporting and verification of remediation sampling

DLZ commonly uses technologies like Multi-phase extraction (MPE), Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE), and In situ Bioremediation for site remediation.