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Nothing defines the new traffic engineering landscape like the modern roundabout. Benefits related to safety, aesthetics, traffic operations, and cost make the modern roundabout desirable at many intersections. More and more road agencies are considering and building modern roundabouts in their jurisdictions. This is where DLZ comes in.

DLZ has been a leader since the early days of America’s “Roundabout Revolution” when many in the transportation industry scoffed at the idea. At DLZ, we recognized early on that modern roundabouts would help us meet the needs of our clients, and we started building our expertise in the late 1990s. Unlike so many consultants that have only recently started offering this service, we now have nearly a decade of experience to offer. Our experience includes serving over 75 different clients with more than 500 roundabouts to date. In addition, DLZ brings the added benefit of being a fullservice engineering firm to every project. While most other roundabout “experts” in the United States specializes in concept designs only, we provide you with so much more.

DLZ can take your project all the way from an idea to the ribbon cutting ceremony with our in-house team. No one else can offer a more complete roundabout package, and we are proud to be one of the nation’s most experienced roundabout firms.