Services geotechnical

Explorations and Drilling

DLZ provides geotechnical drilling services for a wide range of structures such as high-rise office buildings, hotels, hospitals, wastewater treatment plants, and shopping centers. Infrastructure improvement projects include tunnels, roadways, bridges, railroads, dams, and levees. DLZ has conducted explorations for a wide variety of projects throughout the Midwest. We have conducted explorations for a wide variety of projects in states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan. DLZ’s geotechnical engineering capabilities are complemented by our in-house exploration/drilling and materials testing laboratory.

We have provided quality exploration and drilling services since 1980. Our drilling capabilities include truck, all-terrain vehicle (ATV), and barge drilling. DLZ crews are experienced in soil and rock sampling as well as instrumentation installations. Our materials laboratory is equipped to perform general index tests, consolidation tests, permeability tests, and shear strength tests on both soil and rock samples. DLZ  is a prequalified drilling firm for the following state Departments of Transportation: Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky. DLZ American Drilling, Inc. is also a member of the National Drilling Association. Our personnel are familiar with the proper field protocols outlined by ASTM, AASHTO, USACE, and USEPA, as well as various local, state, and federal specifications and guidelines.

DLZ geotechnical engineers provide geotechnical support to other DLZ projects as well as stand-alone geotechnical assignments.