Green Hydrogen

The importance of hydrogen in the ongoing decarbonization efforts across the energy, transport, and industrial sectors cannot be overstated. At DLZ, as a company deeply committed to clean energy, we are actively expanding our expertise to drive the development of green hydrogen projects. With our diverse capabilities, we can manage projects at every level of detail. Our extensive knowledge and experience in the renewable energy sector and infrastructure make us proud leaders in the field. DLZ firmly believes that green hydrogen will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the global energy market. Consequently, we are dedicated to collaborating with environmentally conscious countries to establish significant green hydrogen production facilities. By working hand in hand with these nations, we aim to create a sustainable and greener future for all.

Green Hydrogen Production Facility Costa Rica

DLZ, through its subsidiary, DLZ Hydrogen LATAM, is developing a renewable hydrogen and ammonia production plant with a daily production capacity of 600 tons of ammonia and an investment cost of over 1 billion dollars in its first phase. The primary destination comprises foreign markets, including Europe, Panama Canal, and Japan.

The project is designed for continuous operation, facilitated by a combination of solar, wind, and grid-based power sources to cater to a demand of 250 MW in electrolyzers. To ensure consistent hydrogen and ammonia production, access to the national electricity grid will also be secured. Approximately 54% of the required energy will be generated from renewable sources, while the remaining proportion will be procured through a power purchase agreement with the national electricity generation and distribution entity.

Connected to the Export Port via a 27 km pipeline strategically positioned along the Pacific coast, our facility facilitates efficient logistics and includes a dedicated ammonia storage setup. It will also have the option to deliver on the Atlantic coast thru the Panama Canal.

The project also envisions tripling its capacity during its second and third phases. The first phase is scheduled for COD in 2027.

Green Hydrogen Production Facility Panama

DLZ, through its subsidiary, DLZ Hydrogen LATAM, is developing a green hydrogen production facility located in Bahía Minas, Panamá, with a daily production of 45 Tons of hydrogen per day, resulting in an annual production of 17,000. The facility will be strategically located near the Panamá Canal to provide green hydrogen to the shipping industry.

Why Panama?

  • Strategic location within the new regional Green Hydrogen Valley. Much of the world trade transits through the Panama Canal, which currently consumes hydrogen.
  • Existing infrastructure of the Panama Canal, logistics, communications, financial and air maritime terminals that can be easily adapted to the value chain of the new hydrogen market.
  • Economic, legal, and political stability.
  • Current authorities with the objective of economic growth and strengthening and use of the renewable energy matrix.

Creating a sustainable and greener future for all