Sheltering at Home: Steps to Mitigate COVID-19 Webinar Jan 27th

Ready to mitigate COVID-19? The attack on this country by COVID-19 has escalated with the onset of colder weather and the heating season. On Wednesday, January 27th at 12:00 pm EST, join DLZ for a one-hour webinar to get essential, yet simple, steps you can take to mitigate COVID-19. The webinar will focus on our current winter heating season. It’s designed to help the homeowner understand the risks of airborne transmission and preventative systems that can easily be implemented to help reduce the risk of transmission while sheltering in our homes.

This is a free webinar, and attendees will be eligible for one (1) Continuing Education credit. With the positivity percentages increasing daily across the region, it’s more important than ever to apply immediate solutions that can be effective in reducing the transmission of airborne COVID-19 while sheltering at home.


  • COVID-19 Transmission Basics
  • Dilution as a Strategy
  • Natural Ventilation
  • Indoor Dilution Strategy
  • Indoor Dilution Strategy – Exhaust
  • Quarantine Barrier
  • Dilution Plan Diagram
  • Q&A Discussion


Mitigate COVID-19

Gregory L. Galieti, AIA, LEED AP

Gregory Galieti, AIA LEED AP is DLZ’s Director of Architecture in Ohio. Greg has a diverse understanding of a wide range of architectural projects including first responder, institutional, and municipal projects and is experienced in building systems that support architectural projects. As part of the DLZ team, he has been very active in addressing the challenges related to COVID-19 airborne transmission and guiding informed responses to these challenges.

In addition, Greg is a naturalist and skilled in nature observation and tracking. He has experience with basic survival techniques and understands the priorities of survival including shelter. He has a unique ability to understand how scientific wisdom can be applied to our homes in response to COVID-19.

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