Carmel Roundabout Design at 116th and Hazel Dell

We have worked on hundreds of roundabouts, including this City of Carmel roundabout design. DLZ provided design to build a modern roundabout at the intersection of 116th Street and Hazel Dell Parkway in Carmel, Indiana.

This Carmel roundabout project involved traffic forecasting and analysis to determine roundabout lane requirements. The traffic at this intersection required a roundabout with more than one lane. As such, DLZ included approaches with two and three lanes. The approach work extends approximately 800 feet along north, south and east legs and approximately 700 feet along the west leg.

This roundabout project also features drainage design, overhead utility relocation, lighting, and landscaping. Additionally, DLZ’s work featured right-of-way, multi-use trails, bike lanes, and maintenance of traffic. DLZ carefully considered signage to help all users navigate the roundabout.

To complete this roundabout design project, Carmel used Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) funds.

DLZ has a strong relationship with the City of Carmel and has completed numerous other projects here. Both the City and DLZ incorporated roundabouts before they were common in the U.S. When these designs replace signalized intersections, they improve safety and congestion and decrease crash severity.

Carmel has more roundabouts than any U.S. city and is also recognized worldwide for these projects. The City of Carmel offers information on its roundabout design here.




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