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I-264 Ramp Bridge

Jefferson County, Kentucky

The project consisted of structural design of a new bridge for the I-264 (Shawnee Parkway) Northbound Ramp to I-64 Westbound. The existing ramp was approximately 2,200’ in length; and the bridge on the ramp over Northwestern Parkway, ramp from I-64 WB to I-264, and I-64 EB was approximately 750’ in length. The ramp was constructed with a sweeping tight radius curve to the left and a crest vertical curve with moderate entrance and exit grades. Traffic had to be maintained on the ramp during construction and impacts to traffic flow on the roadways beneath the ramp, especially the interstate movements, had to be minimized.

We assisted another firm in development of the project and provided the structure design to match the part-width construction strategy for the ramp so that traffic could be maintained on the ramp during construction. When the prime firm failed to meet their obligations, we worked with the District and Professional Services to take over the contract and complete the project.
Although the ramp was reconstructed, the primary focus of the project was replacement of an existing bridge with significant deterioration, including failed expansion joints and severe deterioration of many pier cap and column areas. The bridge had been identified by District Staff as the highest priority need for use of interstate bridge maintenance funds.