FBI Criminal Justice Information Service Campus, IDIQ

This Architectural and Engineering Services IDIQ contracted DLZ for the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services in Clarksburg, West Virginia. Under this contract, DLZ is providing architectural and engineering services. This includes additions, repairs, or renovations of existing facilities, maintenance support, and minor construction type projects.

The FBI’s Criminal Justice campus consists of 20 structures and 3 miles of roadway on nearly 1000 acres. CJIS provides information on individuals, stolen property, criminal organizations, and activities to the FBI and other law enforcement, academic, employment, and licensing agencies.

In December 2019, DLZ completed a task order that included conceptual designs and cost estimates for a new building addition. Our team developed 3 conceptual plans for the addition of a new office building that will connect to an existing building. In addition to design services, DLZ also provided site investigations and surveys. The new addition will accommodate 500 employees.

The scope of work included an initial feasibility study for the addition of a module or office building adjacent to Module-E of Building.5.  Key tasks associated with the study were to

  • Develop a utility site map and a topographic map
  • Prepare a minimum of 3 preliminary concepts and cost estimates for each
  • Provide a written report and oral presentation explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each concept.

DLZ conducted site and utility surveys to document the site conditions and where the existing utilities were located.  This study identified options to allow utility lines to operate continually during construction. Also, our team evaluated four parking configurations and decided to expand the outer ring of the main semicircular parking area. The expansion of this outer ring will provide an additional 453 parking spaces to accommodate the new facility.

The project was completed on schedule and within budget.




Federal Government, Justice


Clarksburg, West Virginia