Aldi Stores Prototypes

Aldi entered the U.S. market in 1976, with a majority of its first stores opening in southeastern Iowa. With more than 1,000 Aldi stores in 29 states, from Kansas to the east coast, Aldi is a leader in the international grocery retailing industry, serving Europe, the USA, and Australia. Carrying over 1,400 grocery and household items for customers to purchase, products range from refrigerated and frozen foods, fresh meats, and beer and wine, while only carrying 500 select name brands. There are currently 21 divisions of Aldi serving the Eastern U.S. with possible future expansion west. The Supermarket News ranked Aldi 25th in U.S. grocery chains in terms of gross sales.

DLZ had professionals who brought previous experience working with five Aldi divisions in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Connecticut, beginning with the preliminary stages of preparing site layouts for civil engineering to designing fit plans for existing spaces. Project work included preparation of construction documents for site-adapted prototype stores, retrofitting stores into existing spaces, bidding, and construction administration. The average construction cost for a prototype store is $1.5 million. The prototypical store size is 18,756 square feet.


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