Carmel Citywide Traffic Study

DLZ was retained by the City Carmel to perform a citywide traffic congestion and safety study for over 100 intersections. These intersections include signalized, stop controlled and roundabouts. DLZ also prepared an external traffic and crash database for the City to link to its master GIS database.

As a part of this study, DLZ developed turning movement counts for over 100 intersections and also developed two-way AADTs and direction hourly volumes for numerous roadway segments. For all of the intersections, DLZ performed capacity and safety analyses to identify capacity and safety deficient locations. DLZ created a traffic volume network in Synchro/SimTraffic for the capacity evaluation of the signalized intersections and for the purposes of developing corridor timing plans and optimizing traffic signal timings and phasing schemes. The unsignalized intersections were evaluated utilizing the Highway Capacity Software.

In addition, the most recent 3 years of crash data was reviewed and a crash database with summaries was prepared. Crash analyses were completed to quantify crash rates and identify high crash locations supplemented by the crash diagrams. A comprehensive report was prepared to include the contents of this study and provide the City with a detailed inventory of capacity and safety deficient locations along with the recommended improvements to mitigate those deficiencies.




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Carmel, Indiana