City of Gatlinburg ADA Self-Evaluation & Transition Plan

The City of Gatlinburg, Tennessee, contracted with DLZ to perform a self-evaluation of all City facilities, programs, policies, and procedures and prepare a Transition Plan to assist in prioritizing their ADA compliance efforts. DLZ’s facility self-evaluation included 25 City facilities, 2 parks, 25 miles of sidewalks, pedestrian signals, 148 trolley stops, 30 shelters, and 40 intersections with curb ramps. DLZ partnered with a local firm that collected field measurements for pedestrian facilities within the public right-of-way and other limited exterior spaces utilizing Excel and Geojot forms developed by DLZ specific to this type of specialty work. This beneficial partnership allowed for owner cost-savings and support of the local businesses.

Gatlinburg is a unique community with a large tourist trade that swells the population from 4,000 permanent residents to over 50,000 daily. This constant influx of tourists from across the country accentuates the need for accessible facilities. This project included evaluating many unique types of facilities, including several parking garages, 3 welcome/visitor centers, Gatlinburg Golf Club, Community Center, Anna Porter Library, and Gatlinburg Convention Center & Mills Conference Center. Public input was achieved via direct mailings to disability advocacy groups and public notice to solicit input, an online survey, and issuance of the draft SETP for public review and comment. The self-evaluation of programs, policies, and procedures was completed by DLZ and the results were compiled into a Transition Plan that the City will utilize to make the necessary corrective actions and policy changes.


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