City of Noblesville Bridge of Flowers

As part of a larger design project, DLZ created a design to enhance the existing Logan Street Bridge.

The current bridge was constructed in 2018 by Hamilton County and includes:

• Three travel lanes
• An 8’-7” sidewalk on the north side
• A 10-foot-wide sidewalk with an additional 15-foot-wide overlook along the south coping

The Logan Street Bridge is an essential connection between downtown Noblesville and multiple new developments on the west side of the White River. The plan to beautify the bridge was initiated between the City of Noblesville, Hamilton County, and a group of grassroots citizens to enhance the overlook space to increase aesthetics and functionality for existing programming and festivals and to create new opportunities for the use of the space.

DLZ worked with all three groups mentioned to create a final design, including custom steel planters with integrated seating, two overhead shade structures, permanent plantings, space for seasonal plantings, lighting, and irrigation. Based on County requirements, DLZ could drill no holes into the bridge deck. Irrigation and electrical wiring were brought to the bridge via a utility channel attached to the bridge wall and fed through the overhead structure columns.


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