City of Parma Splash Pad, Ridgewood Lake Park

DLZ has redesigned the City of Parma Ridgewood Lake Park Splash Pad. The project consisted of the removal of an existing pool facility and the construction of an enclosed Splash Pad. In addition, it revamped the restroom facility. The concept of the design is to provide an oasis in the city. As a result, the City of Parma Splash Pad offers the residents a great option to spend time with their families at the fountains. Also, the Splash Pad adds a vibrant feel to the downtown area. The splash pad is enclosed with an aesthetic fencing with stone pilasters set in each corner. The design of the restroom reflects Mediterranean elements to promote a tropical aesthetic. Centered in the Park, the Splash Pad creates a bridge between existing site elements. Thus, integrating the use of the park with a artistic elements.

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Parma, Ohio