City of Port Huron ADA Self-Evaluation Study & Transition Plan

As part of the Self-evaluation and Transition Plan for the City of Huron, Michigan, DLZ evaluated several park facilities. The City is located on the shore of Lake Huron and the St. Clair River, in addition to having multiple rivers passing through the City. The City has number of aquatic oriented recreation facilities, including many marinas, beaches, boat launches, and waterfront parks. The City has 30 recreational properties that provide these aquatic facilities, along with playgrounds, ball fields and courts, museums, pools, McMorran Pavilion Auditorium & Arena (ice rinks), restrooms, walking paths, and parking.

DLZ worked with the City to evaluate areas of facilities that had not been included in a previous evaluation of buildings and prepared a report of our findings for improvements needed to make the City’s parks accessible.


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Port Huron, Michigan