Construction Inspection for PennDOT SR 318-B00 project

DLZ performed a construction inspection for the State Route 318 Section B00 project in Mercer County, Shenango Township, Pennsylvania. The project consisted of the demolition of the existing bridge and reconstruction of a new structure. The reconstruction was at a lower elevation to provide an at grade intersection of Garfield St and State Route 318. To replace the existing parking under the bridge, we constructed new parking in front of the O’Neil Coffee storefront. We also included new sidewalks and lighting throughout the town from the bridge to Erie Street as part of this project.

On the downstream side of the bridge, DLZ built an eight-foot shoulder extending up to Wheatland Road as a provision for pedestrians. Furthermore, a private road under the existing structure was relocated. In addition to the construction inspection work, DLZ was also responsible for using a nuclear densometer for soil compaction testing as well as coordination with the DLZ lab for proctor testing of the 2A material used for the Geo-synthetic Reinforced Soil (GRS) Wall. The GRS Wall replaced obsolete spans of the previous bridge; in turn, resulting in a 1 span structure at a lower elevation.


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Mercer County, Shenango Township, Pennsylvania