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Crawford Park Connector

Mishawaka, Indiana

Mishawaka initiated this project to provide conveyance and in-line storage outlined in the City’s Long-Term Control Plan (LTCP). The design involves 700 LFT of 72-inch interceptor sewer, which begins at a new diversion structure just west of the Niles Avenue and Linden Street intersection, runs west through the park, and terminates at a structure just east of CSO-014. Along with this, a new outfall structure and two diversion/junction will be included. DLZ is the prime designer, working closely with the City of Mishawaka and Lawson-Fisher Associates as the City’s LTCP managers. The existing 48-inch sewer was scheduled for rehabilitation with CIPP; however, during construction, the contractor decided to replace the pipe instead of lining to save time and cost.

This project is important for the City to meet the needs of the LTCP and contribute fewer sewer overfalls to the St. Joseph River. During past storms, the sewer would be at capacity and overflow, causing extensive damage to the park and surrounding waterway, leading to expensive clean up to de-sanitize the park.

DLZ contributed a full survey, geotechnical investigations, and subsurface investigations. The design includes an extensive permit for Army Corps of Engineers, which takes approximately nine months to obtain approval.

Utility coordination was a key component of this project. It was due to the future connections that need to be incorporated into diversion structures and existing infrastructure with no known location. Adding to the challenge of existing infrastructure is the existing 48-inch sewer that runs in the park curved and does not have a straight alignment. DLZ completed hydraulic reports in addition to the sewer design.

Park amenities were taken into consideration for this project, including an existing pavilion, large-diameter trees, newly installed playground, and a parking lot. Renovations to the parking lot were added to the design scope per the City planner’s request.

This project also includes all bid and construction phase services provided by DLZ.