CUY 90 Construction Inspection

DLZ is performing construction inspection, record keeping and documentation for the design-build of the new westbound Interstate Route 90 Bridge over the Cuyahoga River in the City of Cleveland. The scope of work includes the inspection and documentation of the work performed by the Design-Build Contractor. DLZ is monitoring the construction work and advising ODOT’s Project Engineer/Supervisor if the materials are in compliance with the specified requirements and if the construction is being performed in compliance with ODOT’s contract requirements.

DLZ is auditing the Independent Quality Firms (IQF) quality controls for inspection, documentation and estimates at control points throughout the project construction. Share Point is being utilized as a file cabinet to store and share project documentation. It is critical that clear and concise documentation of the work is executed and filed for efficient use on the project and in the future. The Primavera software CM-13 is being utilized to track submittals, RFI’s and other correspondence.

The management of all communications and information between ODOT and the IQF/DB Contractor will be essential to the success of the project.DLZ’s experienced Design Build Lead is advising ODOT’s Staff on organization of the work force and documentation flow on the project in order to effectively perform oversight of the work and to ensure that issues and resolutions are expedited.


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